Digital Receptionist For Churches

Give callers instant info and helpful choices with a multi-level auto attendant.

What is the Call Menu?

The call menu (also known as an auto-attendant, phone tree, or IVR) allows your callers to choose a department or team member that they wish to be connected to by selecting the desired menu option.

Streamline your phone system with our call menu and route your calls where they need to go!

Even better….instantly text callers links to your website …

What you can do with the Call Menu

Department & Team Routing

Give your callers the best options
Menu options are a great way to send callers to specific ministry departments, or staff. Don’t have departments? No problem! You can also configure options to route calls directly to team members.

Create Unlimited Menus To Give Callers The Best Information

Effortlessly create a call menu for all your ministries.

Add a quick menu for a special event, then remove it in seconds after the event is over.

Submenus give you the ability to add multiple levels of menu options to your call menu. For example, if you wish to provide callers with separate menus for different campuses, submenus are the perfect solution.

Automated Messages

Give your callers access to important information.

Provide callers with menu options that play automated messages. Now your callers can gain access to important information such as service times without needing to speak to your team.

Upload or record your custom messages right from your Talk In Church dashboard.

Voicemail Made Simple

Never miss a voicemail — Enable email, mobile, & desktop app notifications when receiving a new voice message.

Customize your voicemail greetings & assign separate mailboxes to your team members, departments, & phone numbers.

Mailboxes can be added or removed at anytime & provide unlimited storage capacity.

Dial-by-Name Directories

Connect callers to your staff or even volunteeers!

Create dial-by-name directories that give your callers the ability to connect with the right person.

You can even create list directories that provide callers with numerous options to choose from based on the 3 or 4 digit extension they enter.

...more amazing features for ministry on the go...

Phone Numbers

Local, toll free, 800 & vanity phone numbers.

Call Forwarding

Forward & route your business calls anywhere.

Text Messaging

Send & receive SMS & MMS business messages.

Call Menus

Single & multi level Auto Attendant/IVR.


Unlimited 3 or 4 digit direct dial extensions.


Get voice messages on our apps, online, & by email.

Desktop & Mobile

Apps available for MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS & Android.

Live Call Transfer

Transfer live calls to extensions, departments & voicemail.

Call Stacking

No more busy signals when receiving multiple calls at once.

Custom Greetings

Customize welcome, menu, voicemail greetings & more.

Call Recording

Record your incoming & outgoing calls.

Hours of Operation

Set dates & times for when your phones are available.

Users & Permissions

Create account users & grant special access permissions.

Caller ID

Show your business name & number on outgoing caller ID.


Run detailed history reports & export your call data.

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Call Menu FAQ

Can all phone numbers be routed to the call menu?

Yes. You may route as many of your Talk In Church phone numbers to the call menu as needed. You may also choose to route some of your Talk In Church phone number to the call menu and route other numbers directly to your phones or another destination.

How many menu options can I have with Talk In Church?

The call menu gives you the ability to create 10 (0-9) menu options (also known as single digit extensions). However, you can add more menu options by adding submenus to your call menu.A common example of this is to have multiple submenus that provide different 0-9 menu options based on the language that was selected by the caller.You may add as many submenus & menu options as needed.

Am I able to forward menu options to multiple phones?

Yes. Menu options may be forwarded to a single phone or multiple phones. You can also choose to ring your phones in a specific order or at the same time.

Am I able to route menu options to desktop users?

Yes. Menu options may be routed to a single desktop user or multiple desktop users. You can also choose to ring your desktops in a specific order or at the same time.

Can menu options play automated messages?

Yes. You may upload or record custom messages to play when the caller enters a specific menu option.

Is it possible to route menu options directly to voicemail?

Yes. Menu options can route callers directly to a specific voice mailbox.

How many directories can I have?

You may add as many directories as needed to your Talkroute phone system.