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I have a bunch of yarn that is yours if you need it. It is on cones for machine knitting but can be used for hand knitting, crocheting or whatever. Some is very fine and can be blended with other yarns. High quality, some production grade, mostly acrylic but some cotton, wool, rayon, mystery fiber. You can pick thru the bags or just take it all.

linda g

Is any of it good for making blankets for kids and babies? I make them for the foster kids at Advent and also for people I know that recently have had babies.

hi linda

A lot of it is great for that, my mom has used it for baby blankets by the dozens to send to Dr. Laura and my sister’s church. She just can’t store it anymore in her tiny apartment. Let’s get together!


If you have not gotten rid of the yarn yet,PLEASE let me know. My daughter-in-law up in Oregon is looking for fabric scraps and yarns. I would jump to get some of this stuff for her to help her out. I would be very interested in whatever you have left over to give away!

Fabric Scraps

Contact me in April if you still want the scrapes - I will be getting rid of any and all fabric I have, not a lot, but some of it is nice.


Hi, do you still have the yarn?

plese do you have any yarn left

i was hopping you might still have some yarn left over .please let me know reba

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